Another Wedding at the Painted Pony Resort

Two weddings in 2 weeks, things have been very busy at the Painted Pony Resort.   With our extensive local contacts a cleaning crew was recruited to reduce the turn around time and prepare the facility after the last wedding party departed.  This compares with a couple of weeks it takes a single person to completely clean and prepare the facility.  Even the gravel driveway into to facility was raked and prepped.

The new guests arrived and they also planned an outdoor wedding ceremony. These guests combined the wedding with a world wide family reunion.  The couple were originally married in Europe but family members from the states were unable to attend the ceremony, so plans were made to have a duplicate ceremony here in the U.S.  The place was full with both sides of the family and had an international air with French and English being spoken.

During their stay the guests have enjoyed some birding in the Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge,  a trip to Bisbee, and morning walks which turn into archeological surveys of the property.  So far a nice bifacial scrapper, a stone bell, and a 2 cm chert arrowhead have been recorded from the property.  A petangue  tournament was also organized and the past several evenings have involved heated matches between half a dozen teams.  A game of French origin, petanque appears easy but tossing the metal balls and having them stop closest to the cochonnet (the piglet) proves difficult.  A petanque court was set up next to the runway with easy access to the main house and bungalow.

Courtyard wedding preparations

Outdoor wedding in front of the Peloncillo Mountains


  1. What a beautiful place for a wedding! With warm weather I bet they enjoyed the swimming pool.

  2. Thank you. All 22 guests and 4 dogs were in the pool as well as the hot tub. Ping pong and pool were also very popular, and all this in the shadow of the fire. Life goes on despite everything.

  3. Another Wedding at the Painted Pony Resort! It was outstanding. I am quite interested to see some more photos! Actually we want to have a small family wedding and have been finding the suitable wedding venues as per our requirements. If you have more photos of this resort, please share.