Good Days and not so Good Days

The Horseshoe 2 Fire continues in the Chiricahua Mountains, but in spite of this there is still some beautiful scenery in the bootheel.  Here is a 4 image panorama made this morning from the driveway at the Painted Pony Resort.  It is just a gentle reminder that despite the range of emotions experienced during this event, from anger to fear and sadness to elation, the fire too will also pass and start to fade as the forest recovers.  It is difficult to maintain perspective while on an emotional roller coaster but with the help of friends and loved ones everyone will make it through.

Current information on the Horseshoe Two Fire may be found at InciWeb.

Chiricahua Mountains on 6-09-2011


  1. July will be here soon, then the fire will be out!

  2. The arrival of the monsoon should end things. I look forward to getting into the canyon for some photography. Some baseline photographic data would be useful as the monsoon rains stimulate new growth in the forest.

  3. The new growth and see the trees and how thy all survived the fire, as a lot of canopy has been saved,and some lost.

  4. Yes, it seems to be mosaic of unburned, low intensity, and high intensity burns.