Portal Irish Music Week: Concert at the Portal Peak Lodge and Cafe

Portal Irish Music Week kicked off this week with a concert and dinner at the Portal Peak Lodge and Cafe Saturday night.  Dinner included fajitas with rice and beans prepared by the cafe and the festivities were held outside under a cloudless fall night sky around the stage and outdoor seating area.  A number of people played on stage throughout the evening and diners were treated to some instruction in Irish group dancing.  A large turnout from the surrounding area made the evening of music and dancing a memorable event with Irish music reverberating through the canyon.

Musicians at the Portal Irish Music week concert

Group dancing at the Portal Irish Music week concert


  1. It was a great night with entertainment for all to enjoy.

  2. I agree. It was good to take some time off the estate and visit with folks. All the better that there was food and great music.

  3. I am glad you were both there.

  4. It was a wonderful kickoff. I hope everyone learned lots of interesting tunes and techniques during the week of classes.