Cave Creek Canyon: Then and Now at Sunny Flats Campground

The next series of photographs are from Sunny Flats Campground.  These photographs, from the 1920's,  were apparently taken from the open meadow in the center of the campground that has existed since at least the time of the early photograph. Note the increase in woody shrubs in the open meadow.  This area is usually mowed by the Forest Service to maintain the open space.  While the density of tree cover and vegetation visible on the hillsides seems similar in both photographs.

The replicate photograph was desaturated and cropped to fit with the 1923 image.  The location of the photograph was found using Google Earth's image overlay tool.

Photograph of Rex Rice, Harry Shea, and J.E. Stoll at Cave Creek Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains, Cochise County (Ariz), courtesy of  the History and Archives Division, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, obtained from

Replicate 2011 view from Sunny Flats campground


  1. I sure like the work you are doing from the then and now!

  2. Thank you. Comparing old photographs with new images it is possible to document the changes over time in the landscape as a result of cattle grazing, fire, and construction. Just need to find more old photographs of the Chiricahua's.

  3. Finding old photographs would be the project in hand.

  4. I agree. I know that there are personal collections around the valley but online material is lacking.