An Old Hiking Staff in Cave Creek Canyon

Took the guests on an afternoon hike up Cave Creek Canyon.  The route took the group along the Nature Trail from the Silver Peak trail head to Sunny Flat then back along the road.  Along the way we came across this old hiking staff dated 1969, making the staff better than 40 years old.  Made from a Yucca stalk it is a relic from some earlier hiker along the canyon who found the staff, dated and used it, then left the staff for another to find.

The afternoon sun along the canyon was exceptional and illuminated Cathedral Rock highlighting the green lichen and yellows of the volcanic tuff.  Silhouetted against the deep blue Arizona sky it allowed for some excellent photography.  We did a balancing stone recapitulating the view of Cathedral Rock in the creek bed for some additional photography.

After the hike the guests retired to the Hot Tub for the evening.

40 year old hiking staff along Cave Creek Canyon

Today is Thanksgivings and the guests are planning big dinner in celebration.


  1. Nice find do you think the rains have washed it down hill?

  2. I don't think so. It was on the west side of the trail away from the creek about halfway between the trail head at Silver Peak and Sunny Flat.