Balancing Stone Bowls

In response to a friends creation of a balancing sculpture with a mining theme, the balancing stone bowl sculpture was created as a return gesture.  It is representation of a business theme - that no matter how hard it seems and whatever life throws at you, you can always always bang 2 rocks together and make something.  An alternative viewpoint would be the balanced rounded stones represent a desert snowman.  Since snow generally falls only in the mountains during the winter those of us in the valley are forced to use rocks to make traditional winter snowmen.  Like those cultures which inhabited the area long before us, stone is still a useful tool.  It is possible to find dry stacked stone walls around Portal and Rodeo, large boulders which mark business locations, and stone houses around the area. The use of local material (whatever is at hand) for any construction project has a long history in the San Simon Valley.  For another example see this photograph.

Balanced Stone Bowls


  1. Very nice balancing sculpture and view of the mountains in the back ground.

  2. Thank you. The view is to the northeast, toward Antelope Pass and the Peloncillo Mountains.