Owl Canyon, Peloncillo Mountains with the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club

A beautiful winter hike in the Peloncillo Mountains is Owl Canyon and was this weeks excursion with Portal Rodeo Hiking Club. After crossing private land with the owners permission a group of 17 hikers reached public land and continued up canyon.  The canyon narrows significantly, twisting and turning as one gains elevation.  After about 1.5 miles an old silted in concrete dam is reached which provided a nice rest stop with views of the steep canyon rising up on either side.  Continuing up canyon past several forks in the stream bed with volcanic tuff walls rising on each side the hike finished at an interesting stone spire just above the stream bed.  Total distance traveled, about 6 miles and total elevation change, approximately 1000 ft.  The map may be found in the sidebar or here.

Echinocereus rigidissimus (rainbow cactus) in Owl Canyon
Juniper with a single surviving limb
Volcanic tuff spire along the trail


  1. Thank you. Had a good time yesterday, but back to cleaning PPR today.