An Otherworldly View of Granite Peak From Granite Gap

The recent hike with the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club was to Granite Gap.  After watching the Union Pacific steam train pass Steins NM (see previous post) the group headed for Granite Gap.  Another group of hikers was planning on spending the day hiking the area so it was decided to join them.  It was a pleasant 4.75 mile loop.  The map may be found in the side bar or here.  Below is a view of Granite Peak from the north side.  It is a somewhat impressionistic view of the peak rather than a documentary view.  But that is how the area struck me with the deep blue sky contrasting with the jagged intrusive granite and serpentine shaped rounded white quartz on the San Simon valley side of the peak.  By increasing contrast, partially reducing saturation, and shifting the hue the original photograph was transformed into this image.

Although it was suggested that the image resembles "Forbidden Planet" rest assured it is southwestern New Mexico where the sky's are blue and the weather warm.

Granite Peak from Granite Gap.


  1. other worldly, I'll say so.

    was your previous job to film in Area 51 and convince the public that we landed on the moon? LOL

  2. Thanks. The goal was to recreate my impressions of the area while hiking. The abundance of sculpted rock outcrops of granite, the wealth of different cactus (especially small species), and open landscape (in contrast to the tree lined canyons in the Chiricahua mountains)all combined to create the feeling of a different planet.

  3. You created a interesting photograph at Granite Gap.

  4. Thank you. I think it came out well.