Photographic Evidence of the Bubble Traveling Close to the Speed of Light

It has been suggested that the Portal Rodeo area on the east side of the Chiricahua mountains and straddling the Arizona - New Mexico border exists in bubble traveling at close to the speed of light, which results in slow time relative to the rest of the planet.  This accounts for the amount of time it takes to get anything done and also explains the high percentage of PhDs (they all discovered the bubble, moved here, and plan to live forever).  While the reality of situation may not always measure up to the story, it is a useful lens through which to view the happenings down here.  Today though an event occurred supporting the notion that that time truly is slowed down here.  Below are photographs of a Union Pacific Steam train complete with period cars passing through the San Simon Valley headed west.  While other Blogs, herehere and here, present the true facts, I would suggest that fun facts (ideas, tall tales, whatever fits your world view) are more enjoyable.  So, below are several views of the Union Pacific's historic 844 steam locomotive with period cars passing through Steins N.M. and I prefer to think it is just one more piece of evidence that in the bubble we are moving at close to the speed of light and time is truly slowed.

The Approaching Union Pacific

Union Pacific's 844 passing Steins N.M.


  1. The old steam locomotive took us all into the past what a great memory.