Heating the Pool

The pool at the Painted Pony Resort is heated with a combination of renewable energy resources.  Unfortunately the solar system was offline for several weeks because of problems.  The temperature probe at the collectors went south taking the controller offline, but by using a timer it was possible to continue heating pool water.  A second problem arose with the lines running from the pool house to the collector.  The original routing of the lines required a splice which leaked subsequently filling the casing with coolant and reducing the efficiency, all of which was underground.  Finally, the flow stopped resulting in overheating (the panels are designed to steam) and blowing a line.  So it was out with the pick and shovel to dig up the lines and reposition them eliminating the splice.  It was possible to reduce the run between the solar collectors and the pool house from 140 feet to 75 feet, although a new trench is now required, and a new temperature probe brought the controller back online.  The shorter run should help with both the flow rate through the system and eliminate any possible leaks.  Fortunately the geothermal was able to maintain some of the pool heat so it was not a complete loss.  The temperature at the heat exchanger is currently 100 degrees and the the outflow is 90, so the pool should be back up to the target temperature of 80 degrees in a week.

Painted Pony Resort


  1. You sure are making a person want to go swimming!

  2. Well, maybe after the pool is back up to temperature.