San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge

The Portal Rodeo Hiking Club combined several locations on their most recent outing.  The first was a visit to the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge east of Douglas AZ.  This refuge, about 2300 acres in size, sits in the middle of the San Bernardino Valley and abuts the border with Mexico and the Slaughter Ranch.  It is a low basin area and the headwaters of the Rio Yaqui flowing south through northern Mexico.  A number of ponds support endangered fish species and historically was home to quarter of Arizona's endangered fish species.  An easy loop of 4.2 miles following roads allowed the hiking club to circumnavigate a number of ponds in refuge with a section along the border.  The map for this hike may be found here or on the hiking page (tab at top of the page).

Wildlife pond in the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge

Border Monument


  1. Thank you. We had the discussion about reflections and I had forgotten I had made several at the wildlife pond. Wasn't in the best shape by late afternoon.

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