A Different view of Cave Creek Canyon

There are a number of iconic photographs of Cave Creek Canyon, many taken from vantage points along Foothills Road looking up canyon.  But other vantage points also provide impressive views of the canyon.  Below is a photograph of the eastern ridge of Cave Creek Canyon, including Portal Peak and Cathedral Rock, taken from the north slope of Silver Peak.  Captured on Sunday when many were watching the Superbowl there were a number of folks out wandering in the Chiricahua Mountains enjoying a sunny afternoon hike.

The final product is a multi-image panorama which was processed by reducing the input levels, increasing contrast, and finally desaturating the composite image.  It was hazy in the afternoon and the original photographs had very little depth, but after cleaning up the composite the final effect is pleasing.

chiricahua mountains az


  1. The black and white has a nice look, you did a great job with this picture.

  2. Thank you. I was not sure if the idea would work since it was somewhat hazy when I took the photographs used to create the panorama. But the haze seems to increase the depth by lightly fuzzing Portal Peak in the background and making Cathedral rock and other outcrops stand out.