Volunteer Work in the Chiricahua Mountains.

A group from the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club including some Friends of Cave Creek Canyon and regular trail maintenance volunteers gathered to work on some hiking trails with Zac Ribbing of the Coronado National Forest.  The group worked on 1 1/2 miles of trail between the research station and Herb Martyr dam clearing fallen trees, pruning, and erosion control.  After lunch, the team regrouped and headed up the 4 wheel drive road to the Greenhouse Trail where a new sign was installed at the wilderness boundary.  A good day of volunteer work and some new trails for tail mapping.


  1. It was perfect weather for this outing! And Zac made it fun as did John, the very dedicated volunteer who comes at his own expense from Houston to work on trails in the Chiricahuas.

    The hikers [me among them] don't think about trails the same way anymore after working on them. You study the water bar or note where limbs need trimming or where a new log has fallen and you're looking for that saw!

  2. You are quite right, it was a perfect day for the outing. Without dedicated volunteers (like you) the trail system would rapidly deteriorate. As an example the drainage on the Greenhouse trail that was restored with a 10' high rock wall and back fill was an immense undertaking.

  3. I am so glad you are all helping to maintain the trails for guests of the Chiricahua Mountains to enjoy!

    The next wok day I sure hope I can join in to help.

  4. I look forward to seeing you on the next Portal Hiking Club or Friends of Cave Creek Canyon volunteer work day.