Lodging and Accommodations in the Portal Rodeo Area

If the 9 bedrooms and 5 RV hookups at the Painted Pony Resort will not accommodate all the guests attending your event, additional lodging is available close by.  Whether for a wedding, a reunion, a meeting, or anniversary a number of additional sites for lodging are available in the area.  Below is listed a number of additional locations where guests and visitors may find lodging in the Portal Rodeo area. 

Name and website                distance from PPR              phone
Ananda Mandir                          8 miles
Arizona Sky Village                 12 miles
Birders B and B                        11 miles                   (888) 596-2557 
Casa Adobe                               6 miles                   (575) 557-7777                
Cave Creek Ranch                   11 miles                   (520) 558-2334
Chiricahua Cottages                 11 miles                  (520)-887-2340
Chiricahua Mountain Lodge       2.5 miles                  (575) 557-5757
DD Gamble Guest Lodge           15 miles                  (520) 558-1090
George Walker House                15 miles                   (520) 558-2287
Four Bar Cottages                       6 miles                   (520) 558-2580
Mountain Valley Lodge                6 miles                   (575) 520-3731
Myrtle Kraft Cottage                  10 miles                   (520) 558-2223
Mountain Shadows Getaway      12 miles                   (520) 558-5858
Portal Peak Lodge                      10 miles                   (520) 558-2223
Quailway Cottage                         6 miles                  (520) 558-0369
Rodeo Cottages                           6 miles                   (575) 557-1167
Sky Island Lodge                         6 miles                   (520) 558-0057

This Google map shows the locations of available lodging in the area (yellow pins) along with some local birding areas compiled from published sources.


  1. Thank you for adding my business to your blog! This was very nice, thank you.

  2. I believe it is a good idea to have a list of all the available resources for potential guests and visitors. If the Painted Pony resort does not meet the requirements of a visitor some one else may be able to and easy access to other resources only makes it easier for a visitor to plan their trip. Feel free to use the map on your website if you wish.

  3. Thank you! This was a lot of work for you, I am going to share on my blog as it is going to be helpful for people visiting our area.