The Black Hole Resort

A number of posts have appeared on Blogging from the Boot Heel and the Sky Gypsies about the bubble in southwestern New Mexico/southeastern Arizona that encompasses the San Simon Valley where it seems time is slowed relative to the rest of the planet to local residents.  This seemed a viable explanation why everything takes so long to get done.  Whether it be a building project or the mail which requires transversing the bubble boundary everything seems to take longer than usual.  The idea of slow time also means people age at a slower rate compared with the rest of the planet and the area is ideal for those who want to get away from it all with easy access to the Chiricahua and Peloncillo mountains.  This idea has been expanded to include the guest option of a "Black Hole" at the Painted Pony Resort, that is no cell phone or internet service.  Currently, cell phone service (Verizon only) is provided by a Wilson cell phone repeater which picks up the signal from Lordsburg through Antelope Pass and re-amplifies the signal inside the main house.  While wireless internet is provide through individual wireless routers in the main house and guest house connected through DSL provided by the local telephone company, Valley Telecom.  This of course may be expanded to include satellite TV service as well.  This equipment is normally turned off when guests are not in residence and activated before their arrival, but with the Black Hole option, this equipment is left off, ensuring guests privacy and eliminating all electronic distractions.  This encourages overly stressed guests to enjoy the landscape of the high New Mexican desert and 80 acres of the estate.  While some may find this experience troublesome at first, there is always something to do from the hot tub or swimming in the heated pool to basketball or searching for evidence of ancient inhabitants around the property.


  1. Sure seems like a good reason to be in the Boot Heel!

  2. Just creating other options for guests when they come down and visit.