Gardening in the New Mexico Desert, Results

It is amazing what a little water will do for thirsty plants.  Many of the problems with the irrigation system are now resolved and the work has paid off.  With the help of the owner, all the irrigation heads have been recovered and are being tested, the system flushed (again), and all the filters cleaned.  As a result all the trees have now leafed out on the property and the oaks that were dropping leaves are now a dark lush green.  Many of the plants in front of the main house are now blooming and particularly spectacular are the Yuccas.  The Blue Violets have returned and are beginning to bloom as well as the Salvia and Sage.  Finally, the Cholla behind the guest house has also started blooming.

Yucca with Portal Peak

Cholla in bloom

Something old and something new


  1. Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Thank you. The results of all the work this spring are paying off.