Greenhouse trail #248 with the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club

A group of 7 hikers from the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club met at the preappointed time at the Silver Peak trail head and carpooled up FS 42 to the Herb Marytr road then regrouped at the turnoff on FS 713, a 4 wheel drive road, where everyone piled into a truck for the mile and half drive to the trail head.  At the trail head a brisk pace was established up the Greenhouse trail quickly passing the new sign at the wilderness boundary placed during a Friends of Cave Creek Canyon work day awhile back.  The Forest Service has accomplished a great deal on this trail since last year.  The trail has been cleared up past the Winn Falls overlook which makes for easy walking.  Spring wild flowers are currently in bloom in the high country including the wild strawberry which was found all along the creek bed.  Blueberry and Blackberry bushes were also in evidence along the trail though not yet blooming.  The first stop was at the Winn Falls overlook.  A small amount of water was flowing over the almost 400' waterfall and some members scrambled around looking for the best place to photograph.  Then it was onward to Cima cabin, a former summer ranger station near the top of the ridge.  Completed in 1934, the Cima Park Fire Guard Station is listed on the National Resister of Historic places and was the stopping point for lunch.  Afterwards, a number of hikers continued on the short distance to the crest trail for a look over the west side of the mountain range.  Covering about 9 miles round trip the elevation gain was about 2700'.  The map for this hike may be found through the following link.

Winn Falls from the Greenhouse trail

Cima Fire Guard Station

Portal Rodeo Hiking Club on the Greenhouse trail


  1. What a great hike I missed! I have never been on this trail sure a pretty area!

  2. Lots of up hill but well worth the effort.

  3. Al just identified a tree on that trail up high. Its a School willow and the only one in this area. I'll get more details from Al and put into the next hike report.

  4. Excellent, it was flowering at the time and the blooms made it resemble a conifer.