East Turkey Creek Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains

There are 2 Turkey Creeks in the Chiricahua Mountains, one on the west side and one on the east.  Upper eastern Turkey Creek canyon was the goal of the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club this week.  Turkey Creek flows from Long Park at the top of the range down and east swinging north through the lower elevations and the town of Paradise then out into the San Simon Valley.  A popular spot along Turkey Creek is just south of Paradise where there are several pools constructed by campers and a waterfall.  But the remote upper section of Turkey Creek more beautiful and heavily forested.  The Canyon itself has no trail and requires hiking on some steep slopes above the many plunge pools along the route, but the scrambling is worthwhile.  Just a little over a mile and 1000' up is a nice 70' waterfall that cascades down a cliff face and then flows over another small 10' drop.  For those more adventurous a climb up and around the waterfall leads to a second smaller falls above the first and eventually to Long Park.  Although the area was only lightly burned in last years fire a large amount of water has flowed down the canyon since last year and a new side canyon was noted by one hiker who had not been in the area since the fire.  The route up Turkey Creek may be found here.

chiricahua mountains stream
One of many plunge Pools along Turkey Creek

chiricahua mountains waterfall
70 ft waterfall


  1. What a beautiful water fall and pool! I sure missed a great hike. I have never hiked in this area.

  2. Lots of good summer swimming holes along the route. A great place to beat the heat in the high country.