The Solar Eclipse in Rodeo New Mexico

Although Rodeo and the Chiricahua Mountains were not in direct path of totality for the eclipse on Sunday, it was still a spectacular viewing opportunity.  The passage of the moon across the sun reached it's peak at about 7:30 PM local time and as the event progressed it grew progressively darker.  Without a solar telescope or adequate filters no direct photographs were attempted.  Instead a pin hole camera approach was used to cast a shadow of the eclipse on the wall.  In reality, the holes in the window blinds served as the pin holes and since these are spaced evenly down the blinds it cast a multiple shadows of the eclipse on the opposing wall.  So instead of a single image it was possible to capture multiple linked images of the eclipse.

simple solar astronomy
Multiple shadow images of Sunday's eclipse


  1. So you managed to get several images of the ring of fire!

  2. Yes, but only shadows of the event and no direct images.