Artist Workshop at the Painted Pony Resort

It was a busy week with artist Gini Lawson and a group of painting students in residence at the Painted Pony Resort.  After breakfast students would scatter about the property to paint and then meet back several hours later for lunch.  While during the heat of the day, when the light was not conducive to painting, they all took time to relax at the pool or read, then back to painting in the late afternoon.  Gini was quite active visiting each student as they worked and as a group they discussed artwork being created.  The Students worked in oil and watercolor and an example of a thank you from one of the guests is shown below.  Gini's husband created all the meals during the workshop and even made ice cream several evenings for the students.

The group also took a hike along Cave Creek Canyon midweek to observe some of the other landscapes in the area and paint some in the canyon as well as creating a balancing stone sculpture of the Mule Ears. Of course the telescope came out for some night sky viewing as well.  The students accomplished a great deal and everyone had a great time at the Painted Pony Resort.

Addendum:  Other artwork created during the workshop may be viewed on Gini Lawson's Facebook page.

A watercolor of the landscape

Dinner preparations


  1. Great place for a artist work shop as the landscape is so beautiful in this area. Hope you were invited to enjoy some of the home made ice cream.

  2. Yes, I had some ice cream as well as dinner invitations, really good food. But now the cleaning starts.