Cycling around Portal Rodeo and the Chiricahua Mountains

One of the best ways to see the local sights is slow and in the out in the open and cycling is one way to achieve this goal.  Ranging from 30 to 200 km in length there is a ride for every skill level in the area ranging from open high desert rides to treks through the Chirichaua Mountains.   Below is a compilation of bike route maps available to those interested in some cycling.

Portal Cave Creek Paradise loop

Portal Community Rodeo loop

Portal to Fort Bowie loop

Portal Chiricahua Mountains loop

Portal to Paradise loop

Portal through Lava Douglas loop

Coronado National Forest Mountain biking trails
Red Rock Canyon Trail #223


  1. My bike has a flat tire! If I it fixed lets go for a ride!

  2. Sounds good but I do not have a bicycle. I think gas line road would make a nice loop along the Peloncillo mountains.

  3. I agree it would be a nice ride.

  4. You'd have to bike at 5 AM or 8 PM as the rest of the day is too HOT! My bike tires got dry rotted in the sun and the chain is rusted. Oh and W just said the seat is rotted. Other than that, my bike is fine! ha! Wonder if the Swap and Shop has any bikes?

  5. Quite right, the UV does take a toll on rubber and plastic and biking in the morning is much better than during the heat of the day.

  6. Your maps seem to have been hijacked by bike radar and I do not see any way to view them now.

  7. Allison, I just checked the links and they work for me. They should open in a new tab and take a few seconds to come up. I should also point out a good mountain bike ride through the desert along the base of the Peloncillo mountains is along gas line road starting in Rodeo and ending at Highway 9. I have not mapped this route but it should be an easy ride.

  8. Hi B Alvarius -- I'll be going on a bike ride today (up South Fork to the cabins) and hope to do some of those routes you indicate. Yes, early morning is best, and the shade up South Fork road greatly appreciated...

  9. Enjoy your ride. Since the road up south fork was closed a bike ride is an easy way to cover the distance to the picnic area.