A Trip to Paradise

Just before Christmas the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club weekly hike was a trip to Paradise.  Starting at the old corral on FS 42 (1 mile past the research station on the right) 10 hikers and 2 dogs headed up a ridge on the south west side of Silver Peak for a trip to Paradise AZ. Cutting cross country the group eventually found the trail and headed up the drainage toward the ridge top.  Passing a number of old gabions placed for erosion control the gentle incline made for easy walking.  Upon reaching the ridge top and passing through a gate the group headed down hill to eventually meet FS42B just outside of Paradise.  The return trip followed a slightly different route with a side trip for lunch on top of a knoll just below the Elephant rocks.  Following the main drainage and trail the group ended up in a large meadow before returning to the cars.  Covering about 6.4 miles with less than 500' of elevation gain an easy outing for a nice winter day.  The map of this hike may be found here.

Old corral in the Chiricahua mountains

Gabion in the drainage
The Chiricahua mine above Paradise


  1. Great picture of the corral! This was a nice hike that anyone would enjoy!

  2. I agree, and it was a pleasure to find the big meadow at the base of Silver Peak on the return portion of the hike. Open expanses of meadow seem rare at low elevations.