Painted Pony Ranch - Fence Update

Fencing alone is slow work but 1.25 miles is completed now.  The remaining segment, a quarter mile on the east side of the San Simon Riverbed, will shortly be finished with half of the T-posts already installed.  But with guests arriving this week at the Painted Pony Resort it is time to change gears and get back to cleaning and refreshing the buildings on the estate in preparation for their arrival.

With the expansion it seemed appropriate to mark the entrance to the ranch on Painted Pony Rd where the owner now owns both sides of the road.  After discussions about ways to mark the entrance a basalt wall along the road was agreed upon.  With a good supply of basalt a couple of standing basalt pillars were first installed flanking the road.  These 1000 lb basalt blocks took some time to move and install but look nice.  Then a 2-3 ft wall was added on the east side back to the newly installed fence line.   While not designed to keep cattle out the wall is just a marker on the landscape denoting the expanded property for guests enjoyment at the Painted Pony Ranch.

stacked stone wall
Basalt wall along Painted Pony Road.

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