Portal Rescue Fundraiser, the Soup Kitchen

The yearly soup kitchen fundraiser for Portal Rescue is taking place in Portal AZ this week.  The first day started with a bang, folks from Douglas, Bisbee, and Animas came resulting in a sold out soup kitchen.  I made it over for the second day of the soup kitchen and had a great bowl of Ham and bean soup, the list included about 20 varieties of soups all with home made breads and desserts.  I also bought 5 raffle tickets for the drawing, there are very nice prizes again this year.  A useful way to bring the community together for a worthy cause.  The members of Portal Rescue are the first responders in this corner of southeastern Arizona and without their dedication emergency response time would increase significantly.

fundraiser in portal az
Serving Soup at the Portal Rescue fundraiser

Desserts and Dining in the Front Room at the Portal Rescue Fundraiser


  1. Nice pictures! I was at soup kitchen yesterday and it is wonderful food and company.I had Potatoe and leek soup with great choices of breads and desserts.

  2. Love Howard's hat and apron that match the tablecloths. As Howard would say "Howeird"

    I'm taking cauliflower/cheese soup tomorrow and working there. Can't wait to see the dozens of choices!

  3. The soup kitchen fundraiser brings out everyone, I always meet new and interesting people at these events and have a great meal to boot.