New Fence at the Painted Pony Ranch

On scale of things affecting the planet and people's lives it ranks close to the bottom (perhaps at the bottom) but sometimes the little picture is what requires focus, and fencing the expanded Painted Pony Resort is one of those things.  Starting in December 1.5 miles of new fence started going in.  Proper tools made the job easier but there is no way of getting around driving 400 new t-posts.  Well the t-posts are finally finished, the last one was installed the other day.  After taking a month break to work on the Resort and preparing for guests it was time to finish off installing t-posts so 2 days were spent hand driving t-posts through the last of the arroyos on the east side of the San Simon River (it is the desert and water is optional in desert rivers).  Once wire is strung and project completed the cattle will be kept out and the grasslands will have an opportunity to rest and restore themselves.  Below are a series of photographs documenting the project.


  1. I sure bet you are glad this is finished! A lot of work to keep cattle of your land.

    Now some day you may go hiking again or something else that is fun to do.

  2. Yes very glad. Keeping the cattle out will give the land a chance to rest and recover.