Another Wedding at the Painted Pony Resort

A busy and fast paced week at the Painted Pony Resort in preparation for another wedding.  A front moved through while cleaning the grounds, courtyards, and outdoor furniture which required a second re-cleaning after the front passed but fortunately the cleaning was finished in time for the bride and grooms arrival from Maine.  The family began gathering with the wedding scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning began with a hike for family members in Cave Creek Canyon and an Elegant Trogon hunt.  The group covered 4.5 miles along the riparian habitat in Cave Creek canyon, built some balancing stone sculptures, and walked up to the bridge in South Fork hoping for a Trogon siting.  The presence of several vehicles at the bridge indicated others were also hoping for a Trogon sighting.  Unfortunately, no evidence of the Trogon was found and the group hiked back down canyon and headed back to the resort to finish preparations for the wedding.

The photographer arrived from Las Cruces and the ceremony got underway about 5:00 PM.  The bride and bridesmaids used the large mirrored bath in the bungalow for their preparations and the brides parents escorted her to the courtyard for the ceremony.  Held under the cabana in the courtyard of the main house under the deep blue New Mexican sky the officiant was a Quaker pastor, a family member.  The wedding banquet which followed was also held in the courtyard with a scrumptious southwestern buffet after the photography session.

After dinner it was time for fireworks in the front parking area followed by a pickup game of basketball at the instigation of a bridesmaid who played in college.  The festivities continued late into the night but I retired for sleep.  Sunday morning was quiet as one might expect after a long day.  In all another successful event at the Painted Pony Resort with happy newlyweds.

bride at outdoor wedding
The bride and parents at the Painted Pony Resort

new mexico wedding
ceremony under the cabana in the courtyard
the happy couple
The happy couple in Cave Creek Canyon


  1. What a happy event at the PPR and the weather turned out wonderful! With fireworks it ended with a bang and a beautiful sky last night.

  2. I enjoy weddings at PPR. It is a joyous occasion with lots of activity, family and friends joining together to witness the couples commitment to one another.