Digital Photography Workshop Announcement

BAlvarius photography workshop flyer
Flyer for digital photography workshop
Sew What Forum
Saturday, April 27th - 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. (AZ time)
Portal Rescue Classroom
Speaker: Bruce Thompson, Photographer
With the popularity of inexpensive digital cameras and the ability to easily capture images of the world around us, photography remains a popular activity.  But what makes an interesting photograph?  Professional photographers routinely make interesting and captivating images but this is not about professional photography it is about the rest of us who are exploring the world as we see it and capturing images that reflect our perception.

The goal of the workshop is to explore the idea of “how people see” from an individual and personal perspective.  While the biology of vision is the same in all humans, the neural processing of those images differs between people. In other words, what I like you may not like and vice versa, so what do people like?

The workshop will cover:

1.  Composition 
Location or viewpoint
  Single images
The little picture and mid scale picture
The outside is just as important as the inside
The edges of your scene
Don’t just stick it in the middle
  Multi image panoramas
The big picture - How to digitally make a panorama
Drawing the viewer into your photograph

2.  Image processing (Photoshop is not a bad word)
Panorama software
Image processing
The color curve
Levels and contrast
Desaturation (old school)
Tilt shift

3.  Online image storage
  Places to store and show off your work
Storage sites
How to get your work indexed on the web
Renaming files
Alt tags and descriptions

Participants should bring their personal digital camera, laptop/tablet/paper and pencil for notes and references.  We will make 3 images together from the Portal Rescue Station as demonstration pieces and I will show the processing steps discussed.

Bruce Thompson uses the online nom de plume of “BAlvarius” for his online photography and currently manages the Painted Pony Resort outside Rodeo NM.  A Biologist by training, molecular geneticist by trade, pilot by avocation, and estate manager by necessity he was a visitor to the Chiricahua Mountains starting in the late 1980’s.  Becoming a permanent resident at the end of 2006 specializing in low level aerial photography and videography, his photographic interests center on landscape photography.


  1. This is a excellent photography work shop you are going to do for this area!

  2. I find it difficult to take a bad photograph here. Both the Chiricahua and Peloncillo mountains remain as undiscovered gems because of their location but rich in scenery and wildlife with incredible photographic potential. I hope to show everyone the specific techniques I use that they may adapt them to their needs and allowing them to produce interesting and exciting images of the area.

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