Update: Waterfalls of the Chiricahua Mountains

Locating Cave Creek Falls in the Chiricahua mountains adds another waterfall to the list and the previously published posts on waterfalls.  The waterfalls in Turkey Creek, North Fork, and Cave Creek appear to have year round water making them ideal locations for wildlife viewing, especially in dryer years.  An updated map of waterfalls is provided below showing the relative locations of waterfalls of the Chiricahua mountains.  Presumably there are other waterfalls not yet encountered but the north south line of 8 waterfalls across the interior of the Chiricahua mountains provides days of exploration activity for those interested in visiting permanent water sites in this sky island.  Access to these waterfalls are all off trail (except for the overlook at Winn Falls) and may include some strenuous hiking but the effort in visiting these places is well worth the effort.

waterfall transect
Waterfalls in the Chiricahua mountains


  1. Great another water fall in the Chiricahua Mountains!

  2. Yes it is, I'm interested in finding if South fork also has a waterfall or at least some cascades.