A New Roof on the Cabin

This summer is best characterized as the "remodel", spending time remodeling a 3 bedroom cabin on the expansion property of the Painted Pony Resort.  The cabin brings the number of bedrooms available for guests to 12 which allows even larger family reunions and weddings, but will rent separately for couples and small families.  As with all house remodeling the roof requires investigation and in the case of the cabin it needed attention.  Since air conditioning was installed the old swamp cooler was removed and the opening sealed.  Then using a 75/25% mix of white elastomeric/rubber roofing compound from Ames Research Laboratories a new continuous roof coating was started.  This material has the consistency of pancake batter and goes on smoothly both with a brush and roller, although rollers tend to introduce air bubbles which must be removed and imperfections in the old roof may not be adequately covered requiring hand brushing.  Applied at a rate of 1 gallon/100 sq. ft., 10 gallons was required to create a new roof surface with 4-6 coats on the edges, seams, low spots, and other potential problem areas.  Then the whole surface received 3 coats of elastomeric/rubber roofing compound.  The final finish is good and the roof is much improved and will ideally last many years in the New Mexico sunshine.  Now on to stucco work.

Roof before, with swamp cooler removed and opening sealed.

After cleaning, with several coats covering the edges, seams, low spots, and other potential problem areas.  
First complete coat of rubberized roofing compound.

Second complete coat of rubberized roofing compound.

Edges coated.


  1. Looks great! Good thing you took a picture as only people who will see it is a fly over.

  2. Your quite right. Now I have to figure out how to get the old swamp cooler off the roof without damaging the building.

  3. Just about as impressive as that horizon it reaches onto. Great synthesis of a visual. Remodeling is really an ambition in and of itself. Nice job!

  4. Thank you, but remodeling and especially roofing frequently requires a professional touch. The level of competency to do a good job takes time, skill, and patience.

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  7. Thank you. The rubberized roofing compound made the job manageable for a individual fixing and resealing a roof.

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