Rainbow Friday

Awoke before sunrise and upon stepping outside was greeted by a spectacular double rainbow with Portal Peak and the Chiricahua mountains in the background.  Although overcast, there was a patch of blue sky on the eastern horizon allowing light from the rising sun to refract through the light misty rain creating this gift as a way to start the morning and celebrate the arrival of guests at the Painted Pony Resort.  The monsoon totals are 5.65" and it is not over yet.

new mexico monsoon
Double rainbow in the San Simon valley


  1. very nice indeed.
    since living here, I've seen more rainbows than in the rest of my entire life! wide open views and I'm still trying to get to the pot 0' gold at the end.

  2. A Pot O' Gold would be nice but I prefer precious gems, lighter and with a higher sale price per weight. Just need to find a kimerlite pipe.

  3. I missed these rainbows guess I slept in to long. Glad you were up and available to get a picture.

  4. I'm out with the sunrise most mornings.