Making an Impact

The recent loss, and recovery, of several computers reinforced the idea of the utility of the internet and computers in general.  Without internet access it was difficult to maintain real time contact with the owner, especially when 80 guests were expected for a wedding and he was traveling.  It was impossible to order computer parts needed to repair the broken computers and impossible to upload any information about the Painted Pony Resort or the area.  Fortunately the problems were resolved, one by one, and the ability to communicate with the rest of the planet re-established.  As a measure of the utility of the ability to communicate (and have an impact on the rest of the world) from the heart of the San Simon Valley, tallies of  some of the materials created and published from a trailer were collected.  To date, there were a total of 1,942,520 views of the material produced by a guy in a trailer sitting in the desert, demonstrating that even in an isolated place like the bubble it is possible to create and distribute material that interests other people.  While in the grand scheme of things 2 million views may not be much, in the final analysis, the most important measure is the effect on local business.  That is do other businesses see a tangible result as a result of these efforts?  Six weddings at the Painted Pony Resort (with more scheduled) is consistent with the notion that by providing interesting information about the area does bring in more business.  Who would have thought the San Simon valley could be a wedding destination?

The ability of an individual to create and then reach out and present the material to others on the planet is unique and only possible with a computer and internet access and as a result I believe the internet is most democratizing tool invented by our species.  Everyone has a voice in the marketplace of ideas and everyone has a chance to be heard and make a difference.


Google Earth photographs - 1,260,214 views.

 Blogging from the Boot Heel - 68,990 views

 The Sky Gypsies - 50,302 views

 The Painted Pony Resort - 72,778 views

Flickr photographs - not available

Hiking maps - 256,038 views

YouTube videos - 125,750 views

Photobucket - 108448 views


  1. All these tools sure do work to get San Simon Valley out into the world, as you sure have proved!
    You have offered so many business in the area this these tools and I think I am the only one to date that has taken you up on many of these and I did not even know how to copy and past when you came over to help me set up my blog. I thank you so much for all the help you have given me as I have reached out across the world, and have received more business. You are a great writer so keep up with the good work!

  2. Thank you DiAnn. You certainly have shown what a little promotion can do in building your business and you have been quite successful. We have both shown that it is possible to build business in this remote area of New Mexico and create more opportunities with the goal of making enough money to eat dinner.