Painted Pony Resort is Expanding, Again.

Several years ago the Painted Pony Resort expanded to include about 240 acres which included the Rustic Cabin and a segment of the San Simon riverbed.  Recently, additional property became available further to the east and the owner decided to expand adding an additional 440 acres to the estate.  This brings the total size of the Painted Pony Resort to 756 acres of deeded land.  The newly added property consists of the old Wolf Song Ranch which served as a wolf and wolf hybrid sanctuary.

The first step in considering the expansion was a survey of the property, locating existing benchmarks and property corners.  GPS locations were recorded and t-posts installed at the corners of unfenced segments of the property and the resulting information used to create a new map of the property, see below.

satellite image of resort expansion
Painted Pony Resort outside Rodeo New Mexico
The white lines represent current fence lines while the purple indicates an unfenced 80 acre New Mexico State land parcel within the resort, and the red line represents an unfenced segment on the south side of the expansion that crosses Gas Line Rd.  Consisting of landscapes that rise from the San Simon River up across the old El Paso and Southwestern Railroad past the old townsite of Apan N.M. toward the Peloncillo Mountains, the circumference is 6 miles and it is 1.75 miles from west to east across the estate.

A gate and trail now lead from the interior fence along the old railroad to the SE corner of the property.  Guests may now hike or ride to within a mile of the large outcrops at the base of the Peloncillo mountains without leaving the estate.

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