Lunar Eclipse: Rained out in Southern New Mexico

All prepared for the big lunar eclipse but it was rained out.  The Painted Pony Resort received 0.21" from this late monsoon storm and it made viewing the event impossible.  I did manage a photograph just at moon rise as the full moon rose just over the mimetolith (stone face profile) in the Peloncillo mountains just south of Antelope pass in southern New Mexico.  Visible from the estate, this large stone face profile appears to be watching the full moon rise over awaiting the eclipse.  I felt very fortunate to walk outside just at the right time on an evening when the moon was full and positioned over the mimetolith, it was just the right combination of factors to get a unique image.

Looking at the Moon


  1. Very nice photo! I slept through it, oops

  2. I think it was better to be asleep since the clouds obscured the view. When I walked outside just after sunset and saw the view I ran for the camera. The stone face looking up at the full moon struck me a something very special.