Living and creating art in the wide open spaces of the desert southwest naturally leads to the production of big art.  The sweeping landscape views just beg to be interpreted.  One result is that locally produced artwork also tends to be big.  As noted previously, murals are produced locally as a response to the big landscape that surrounds anyone who lives or visits the area.  Taking that step myself I decided to reproduce a recent image of the Chiricahua mountains as a Giclee canvas print (pronounced "Zee clay") but this image spans 10 miles of landscape and was going require a large canvas for reproduction.  After some searching I found a firm (Canvas Pop) that could reproduce the image at the scale I wanted.  Shown below is the dining area in the main house of the Painted Pony Resort with a signed and dated 5' long reproduction of the image.  I was pleased with the final results and the image makes a fine addition to the dining area, though I suspect I could have made it even bigger without any problems.

Dining area at the Painted Pony Resort with the newly installed 5' Giclee canvas print.
A closer view of the Giclee print


  1. Thank you. I have sold some pottery sculptures by displaying my work on the estate and 2 small photographs disappeared about a year ago so I guess some folks like the work. My goal is a family friendly environment and building an appreciation for the area when guests visit and displays of images taken locally helps in reaching that goal.