Sunrise and Sunset

The San Simon Valley gets spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  Flanked by the Chiricahua mountains to the west and the Peloncillo mountains to the east, those in the valley are treated to an abundance of beauty every morning and evening.  The view below is a 3 image panorama of wispy clouds reflecting the rising sun which has yet to climb above the Peloncillo mountains.  Some folks have said they prefer the Peloncillos at sunset but I find sunrise the most spectacular especially when there is some cloud cover to reflect the sunlight.  Both times of day either mountain range has something new to see and I'm constantly recording something new I have never seen before.

Sunrise over the Peloncillo mountains from the Painted Pony Resort

Two days later after a day of light rain, the warm temperatures combined with water vapor resulted in low wispy fog at sunrise.

Wispy fog over the Peloncillo mountains in the San Simon valley.


  1. Beautiful! I just had my "second retirement" stopping my part time job on December 1st. Maybe I'll have more time for seeing beauty! Hope so. I'm UP at both sunrise and sunset times for sure! From our vantage point we get gorgeous sunsets over the Chiricahuas and moon rises over the Peloncillos.

  2. Congratulations on the "second retirement". I look forward to seeing some of your work now that you have free time. I only use a little point and shoot Canon nothing expensive and Gimp software (free) to process my images. The landscape here provides so many opportunities there is always something new to see and photograph.

  3. Gimp software? Now if it were called Geek software, that would be for me!! ha!

  4. Yes Gimp - The acronym stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. See the following link