All-Star Telescope Star Party, 2015

With 30 guests All-Star Telescope hosted another successful astronomy retreat at the Painted Pony Resort.  This marks their 7th visit over the past 5 years for a week of astrophotography in the high desert of southern New Mexico.  At night, the hanger becomes the congregating point for the astronomers while others enjoy the hot tub and courtyard area at the main house for other activities.  This year 2 daytime hikes were completed for a total of 11 miles, one hike up south fork canyon for some afternoon birding and a second hike across the high desert to the outcrops at the base of the Peloncillo mountainsDalton Wilson brought his drone and took some magnificent images of the estate and high desert, see below, showing 14 telescopes setup by the hanger.  The area around the hanger is ideal for astronomy since the main house, guest house, and bungalow are over 500' away and with minimal outdoor lighting does not interfere with astronomy activities.  At night only red lights, to preserve the astronomers night vision, can be seen moving around the telescopes in the New Mexican desert as they concentrate on capturing the perfect image of astronomical objects in the southern sky visible from the estate.  With dinners catered by Jackie Lewis of the George Walker house the guests reported having a wonderful time at this years star party and were discussing returning again next year.

Aerial view of 14 telescopes set up at the All-Star Telescope New Mexico star party.  Photograph by Dalton Wilson.
A view down the road in South Fork of Cave Creek Canyon with guests out for some birding.


  1. I met one married couple that have attended this event twice; this time they came to church and enjoyed that also. Pretty lady, outgoing showed me pix of her grown kids and grandkids; cannot remember their names.

  2. Several people mentioned that they attended the Baptist Church in Rodeo Sunday morning and they all commented on the excellent preaching. I was told one of the guests sang several songs from their Patsy Cline show after church.

  3. Leroy Lacy, the preacher, gets better and better!
    He said he told God "I'll do anything except preach!" ha ha, God has a sense of humor! !

  4. Good to know there is an active church to recommend to guests staying at PPR.