Google+ and BAlvarius

I monitor visitor statistics on the blogs and websites associated with the Painted Pony Resort in an effort to understand what attracts people's attention resulting in a click to visit one of the sites.  I use a number of tools including StatCounter and those provided by Google to compare keywords, images, and subject matter to gauge performance.  It is pleasing when something created performs well and highlights efforts to promote the resort and area in an effort to encourage visitation.  I'm a firm believer that everyone should have the opportunity to make enough money to buy food for dinner and work to spread the business around when visitors are in residence at the estate.  This effort works particularly well when the estate hosts a wedding (there have been 8 so far with another one scheduled next month), since generally the immediate family stays on the estate while other wedding guests utilize local lodging sites in the twin cities of Portal and Rodeo.

Google's foray into social media several years ago with it's product Google+ at first seemed like just another attempt to compete with Facebook, but Google did a couple of things in launching this product.  They tied all the blogs they host to Google+ as well as images.  This immediately created another way for individuals producing content to get their material viewed by a larger audience.  This blog and the Sky Gypsies both now direct their feed to Google+ and the page's performance has done quite well, recently surpassing its' 1,000,000 viewer.  While the images produced and curated on Panoramio have done quite well (with about 1.37 million views), the rate of the Google+ performance is much better and better than both blogs themselves.  Based on this evidence it would seem Google got it right.  The obvious conclusion is that if a business provides online tools, users will make use of those tools and site visitation will follow.  To view BAlvarius' Google+ page follow the link.

Google + page for BAlvarius reached 1,000,000 views


  1. I am a technological idjit; I do not use any Social Media, well a little on LinkedIn, but not Facebook, Twitter, others.

  2. I see social media only as tools and use them as such. I do not surf Facebook. While it is nice to keep up friends I think it gets overblown.

  3. do you have Howeird's website here?
    the Soup Kitchen was Monday, Tuesday and today.
    I did not go any of the days but they made $7K without me LOL

  4. I have the Portal Rodeo website listed in the sidebar under Arizona links. Guests are in residence and I have been running since they arrived and did not make the soup kitchen but many of the guests did. They all enjoyed the meals and this was their second year attending the soup kitchen.