Moving Clocks

The shift to/from daylight savings time change effects the valley twice a year and it is always a time of confusion when trying to make an event on the other side of the state line.  The New Mexico side of the valley changes time but the Arizona side always stays the same and events across the state line always leads to an arrival either an hour early or an hour late, especially for me.  Though the change to/from daylight savings time has no affect on the views on either side of the state line as evidenced by these 2 views, one east and one west taken at sunrise from the Painted Pony Resort.  The sun still rises over the Peloncillo mountains and the first rays of sunlight illuminate Portal Peak in the Chiricahua mountains.  With views like this it is all right to be late to an event.

New Mexico sunrise
Sunrise over the Peloncillo mountains on the New Mexican side of the valley

setting moon over portal peak
Sunrise on Portal Peak on the Arizona side of the valley with the setting moon


  1. Everyone please write to your Senators and Congressmen/women. I wrote years ago and got a flyer explaining how DST came to be.......that reason no longer exists. Since we moved to NM 13 + years ago, we have stayed on AZ time as I will NOT change my clock again. Its too hard to adjust. Raspberries to the US Gov.

  2. beautiful photos, BAlvarius!

  3. Thank you, it was a stellar sunrise yesterday. I like your idea of staying on one time zone and not changing. I would suggest just calling it San Simon Standard Time and label clocks as such, since the New Mexico side of the valley is separated from the rest of New Mexico by the Peloncillos and the Arizona side is separated from the rest of Arizona by the Chiricahuas the state governments would not even notice.