An Image From a Guest

The recent 2015 All-Star Telescope star party at the Painted Pony Resort always brings a host of talented astrophotographers out to image the sky, but the landscape also draws attention.  Recent experiments with black and white photography motivated some others to experiment in capturing the Chiricahua mountains in black and white.  The image below is a view of the Chiricahua mountains in black and white taken by the talented Canadian astrophotograher, John McDonald.  While I get images when and where I can, this is an example of what someone who knows what they are doing and captures the Chiricahuas in a completely different light.  The small puffy white clouds contrast nicely with angular mesquite in the foreground with the 8000' Portal Peak and eastern flank of the Chiricahua mountains in between.  Truly a spectacular image and thanks to John for allowing the reuse of his image.

Other images by John McDonald may be found on his RSAC Victoria Centre Zenfolio astrophotography page

Portal Peak and the Chiricahua mountains in black and white.  Image and copyright by John McDonald.


  1. I clicked on the photo for a larger view. Very surreal. thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm glad you liked it. Upon viewing the image it immediately reminded me of Ansel Adams work.

  3. This is one of the finest pictures I ever saw. I admire Ansel Adams and William Clift, but their pictures are from lands where I have never been. However, I visited the Bootheel 3 times over the last 5 years. That makes this one special.

  4. I agree completely, it is a magnificent image of Portal Peak and the eastern flank of the Chiricahua mountains. I also thought of Ansel Adams when I saw this image.