Yuccas in Bloom

The front garden at the Painted Pony Resort is always the first thing guests see upon arriving on the estate for a visit and a lot of work goes into making it an inviting area for guests to explore.  There are several large Spanish Dagger plants (Yucca schidigera) in the garden and these are generally the first of the yuccas to bloom.  This year one of them has produced a number of flowering stems which were photographed over a 24 hour period as they began to bloom.  The large thick red flowering stems grew quickly and began to open producing light yellow/creamy white flowers.  Yuccas are pollinated by moths (Tegeticula sp.), with different species specializing in different yucca and with the large blooms it should be a feeding/pollinating frenzy for the moths this year.

Yucca stem starting to open

Yucca stem soon to produce an explosion of flowers

Yucca in bloom (the best image)

Two more flowering stems

Flowers at the top of the 8' yucca


  1. Thank you Susan, the blooms are magnificent.

  2. very nice series of photos. I usually have time get away from me on a project like year [very little rain] Gambel's quail were eating my petal display [no seeds put out by the yucca that dry year] but I got a few good pix of that, birds and blooms

  3. Thank you. I know what you mean, time gets away from me so easily but fortunately I was cleaning in the front garden for several days (still have more to do) so I was able to a progression of images.

  4. Now your photo is on as Howard is rounding up more photos to show.

  5. Yes, I sent the one I thought came out exceptionally well to Howard to post on the community photo page. I generally post images that I believe either express an emotion or capture the feel of the area to several places on the web to increase their visibility and probability of indexing in a search.