Keep Looking Up

It has been busy around the Painted Pony Resort with 5 groups, including a wedding and the owners quarterly week long visit, along with rain this spring.  Two sets of guests were here when it rained and the roads and parking areas required a great deal of work to get the vehicle packed gravel restored so everything looks nice.  As a consequence I have had little free time to pursue the blog and for this I apologize.  As a reminder of the beauty of the southwest and an invitation to come visit, here is a sunrise view of contrails over Antelope pass in the Peloncillo mountains at sunrise taken yesterday morning as I started work in the high desert of New Mexico.

contrails at sunrise over the Peloncillo mountains
Keep Looking Up.  Contrails over Antelope pass in the Peloncillo mountains at sunrise.  Click to enlarge and see the face in the lower right corner looking up.


  1. very pretty. I was repeating that old saw "red sky in morning, sailors take warning" with the red cloudy sky this AM
    mostly I am "looking DOWN" so many wildflowers including a 1/2 dozen Loco weed I dug up even though we don't have horses nor cattle here, just don't want to contribute to THAT
    today I see the beginning of Night shade weeds

  2. Thank you. I have noticed poppies around the estate and hope to get some photographs, but I've just been running for several weeks with no time to get anything done for the blog.