An Evening in the Garden

After a day of "Life Maintenance" chores, it was April 14th and I was behind schedule, some time was spent in the front garden as the long light of late afternoon/early evening illuminated the yucca with the yellow rays of the setting sun.  The warm glow of the low angle evening sunlight creates a very different feel in front garden on a warm New Mexican evening.  For comparison, a image taken in the early morning is included to show the difference in light.  While mid day light is generally flat with few shadows to make interesting landscape photographs, the difference between morning and evening light seems to be one of color temperature, with warmer light in the evening and cooler light in the mornings.

Other plants including the Ocotillo are starting to leaf out and many of the smaller plants are also now in bloom.  After a full day of unaccustomed paperwork and check writing, some down time in the garden at the Painted Pony Resort with the camera was a welcomed change of pace and made the end of a long frustrating day that much more special.

The front garden yucca in the long light of evening, 3 species of yucca and Ocotilllo.

The floating yucca, a Spanish Dagger.

A comparison image taken with the morning light.


  1. beautiful! Thanks for the comparison shots, the evening light is sure unique!

    Our yuccas are just getting shoots. The deer seem to eat the lower ones like so much asparagus but so far they must have other things to eat.

    Our Ocotillo is in full bloom and Scott's oriole [2 pairs] and Bullock's oriole [1 pair and here a day or 2 longer than Scott's] are on the Ocotillo sampling the flowers, as well as one returning hummingbird.

  2. Thank you, excellent to hear that your Ocotillo and yucca are also coming into bloom. I'm going to start bending some of the yucca stems and try creating more unusual shapes for the front entrance. Guests seem to like the curved dried stems.

  3. Some of our yucca stalks bend on their own. How do you bend them and make them STAY bent?

  4. I wire them with bailing wire into the shape I want. I start when they first start to emerge and every day continue the bending process a little more by moving the bailing wire. Since they stalks grow rapidly they need attention daily to make the process work.

  5. Attention daily? I don't have the stick-to-it-tiveness to do this job.

  6. I know what you mean I find it hard to keep up with also but it makes a nice break between other more important jobs I'm supposed to be doing.