More Adventures in Welding

I bent the Kubota tractor, well not the whole thing, but I did bend the lip of the bucket while grubbing mesquite on the estate.  After discussing the situation with the owner, he suggested reinforcing the tractor bucket lip with some angle iron.  So I cut down a fencepost corner to fit and started hammering to straighten the bent lip.  With little success trying to bend cold steel it instead took some heat from the torch to soften the bucket lip so it could be bent back straight.  Then it was on to another welding project, this time attaching the angle iron to the bucket as well as adding a hook.  My welding skills are slowly improving and I got the angle iron tacked in place and then began filling the edges between the angle iron and bucket.  The owner, who welds, also pitched in and soon the angle iron was firmly attached.  To finish off the edges I used a little liquid metal since the final bead was pretty shabby (still on the learning curve) and then added paint.  The final finish is pretty good and the addition of a hook will make hauling equipment around in the bucket much easier since there is a permanent point to attach ratchet straps.

Hook and reinforcement welded in place, back view.

Hook and reinforcement welded in place, front view.

Painted finished bucket, back view.

Painted finished product, front view.


  1. I know [from hubbie] that welding is an art. Good for you both! You have 1 and 1/2 welders on site!

  2. I would agree completely and I'm not to the artist stage with the stick welder, more of the finger painting stage, but I try.