What About the Other Native Bee Species?

Oops, after uploading the last post on Honey Bees to Facebook a local Biologist asked about all the other bee species native to the desert southwest.  Most other bee species important for pollination are solitary and do not form hives.  As such their nesting requirements differ from the common honey bee.  To remedy this situation several nest sites were created that cater specifically to solitary bees.  These nesting sites 1/4" - 3/8" in diameter and 3-5" in depth were drilled in left over 2 x 4s and placed inside segments of old drainage pipe.  After finishing, these nesting tubes seemed functional but sometimes functional is not enough.  Something visually interesting out on the landscape is also required.  So a grubbed mesquite was chosen and after some time with the saw a much more interesting shape for a bee nesting site emerged.  Covered in 1/4" - 3/8" holes 3-5" deep and with a rebar pin in the base this section of stump was inverted and placed on the top a railroad tie fence post at one corner of the property close to the riverbed..  The dried mesquite is hard and with a covering of bark should last many years in the weather.  By inverting the stump the nest holes are protected from the weather and by drilling holes all around the stump the bees have a variety of choices for micro-climate specific nesting sites, sun, shade, amount of breeze, choice of views etc..

For more on the native bee species please see:  Pocket Guide to Native Bee Species of New Mexico, in a pdf format.

2 x 4 and drainage pipe solitary bee nesting site.

A more visually interesting solitary bee nesting site out of Mesquite.
Functional solitary bee nesting site in place.

A visually interesting mesquite stump bee nesting site in place on a fence corner post.
A new website specifically about pollinators in the southwest "Pollinator Corridors Southwest".


  1. Clever of you! The mesquite stump nesting site IS visually interesting!

  2. Thank you. Its' location was driven by the fact that arriving guests have been on the road for awhile and anything I can do to create a more interesting environment as they arrive on the property is a plus in my mind. And since it helps with the habitat restoration it becomes a double plus in my daily account ledger.

  3. Tell your guests they will be a quiz, throw in an egg beater, many of this generation don't know what that is...............LOL

  4. No quizzes, just something to catch and fire the imagination generating the question "what is that all about".