Slow Flight

One image captured by the Louisiana State Arthropod Museums' critter cam.  LSAM has placed cameras in the Chiricahua Mountains the past 2 years and the images in the link above are from the Snowshed trail.  In addition to the usual wildlife images and this years Coues deer fawn, one image stuck me as particularly interesting.  Taken towards dusk it captures a blue bird in flight, but the low light resulted in a slower shutter speed and wing motion was captured creating a "slow flight" image.  Perhaps a little dark, the captured motion of the wings are the only movement in the photograph, no blowing grass, perfectly still birds with a single Blue Bird in flight, its' head clearly visible, click on photograph to enlarge.  One commenter saw this as an x-wing fighter from Star Wars, while another saw the Batman logo, while I saw a commentary on the FAAs "slow flight" maneuver from the pilots practical test standards.  Whatever this image reminds you of, for an automatic trail camera it is a great photograph.

Chiricahua mountain bluebird in flight.


  1. I thought at first it WAS a bat, but I read your blog and enlarged the photo and did see the bird head. Wow!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it is a really cool photograph, and was amazed that the head was sharp and in focus while only the wings show blurring. The LSAM critter cam in the Peloncillo mountains did catch a bat at night though, see the last photo . Plus thousands of pictures of blowing grass.