Chiricahua Peloncillo Heritage Days 2015

This years Chiricahua Peloncillo Heritage Days was co-sponsored by both the Wildlands Network and Friends of Cave Creek Canyon with additional support from Hidalgo county and private donations.  Starting off with Friday nights opening reception and talk on Trogon's, the 2015 Chiricahua Peloncillo Heritage Days was off to a good start.  Friday evening talk centered on these neotropical birds that bring many visitors to the sky islands of southeastern Arizona to add another species to their life lists.  Saturday morning arrived with the farmers market and craft fair followed shortly by a day of presentations about the area.  The talks ranged from caving and survey work in Chiricahua Crystal Cave to water resources.  Lunch was catered by the Rodeo Tavern and included two types of lasagna, vegetarian and meat, with garlic bread and salad.  The Gypsy Carpenters provided entertainment during the breaks and throughout lunch.  I presented the last talk of the day on landscape restoration and a PDF of the slides may be found here.  Finally, Sunday three different scheduled walks took place covering plant life, geology, and the history of Paradise.  This years Heritage Days saw a capacity crowd and Valley Telecom was present to video record a number of talks which will be rebroadcast on their cable channel.  Once aired, I hope to post some of the talks to the Friends of Cave Creek Canyon website and Facebook page so those who missed the event can see more details of what went on with an eye to attending the event next year.


All about bats

Water, water, everywhere

Smokey the Bear

A mirrored view

The Gypsy Carpenters


  1. Both Susan and I want to know WHO was in that Smokey the Bear suit as we both got big hugs and I danced with the bear.

    Sorry I missed the history in Paradise today, but our extra truck broke down yesterday and we're waiting for a call from the local repair guy.

  2. Don't know who was in the suit but Smokey seemed to be everywhere, I also missed the walk in paradise, overslept from my nap.

  3. We think Smokey was one of the gals at the USFS table as one minute there were TWO of them, another minute, when Smokey out and about, only one gal at the table. Hmmmm

    Friends of mine went to Paradise and said there were 70 people there for the history walk/talk! Yikes!

  4. Excellent news, 70 people for a history walk in the Chiricahuas must be some sort of record.

  5. The gal I spoke to said Paradise has not seen THAT many people in Paradise in decades! Ha!

  6. I can believe it. Probably not since the mines were active. I saw some photos of the Paradise talk someone put up on Facebook and it was a big crowd.

  7. AND friends who attended said Winston had helped with hummingbird banding BEFORE the history talk, over 100 hummers. I'm tired thinking just about that day.

    1. I mean to put "just" before 'thinking' but you get my drift......

  8. No worries, I meant to say "walk" not "talk".