Happy Halloween

October 31st, it must be Halloween.  Hope everyone has a good day and gets lots of candy.  I did not have a pumpkin so here is my San Simon Valley DIY pumpkin, the dried interior of a Coyote gourd (Cucurbita sp.) lit from the bottom by balancing it on a flashlight after dark and photographing the result.

The DIY pumpkin


  1. funny!

    When we lived in WNY, many Mexican laborers worked in the farm fields, cabbage, onions the regular farm items but also fields of pumpkins. I always wondered what they thought of raising pumpkins that were rarely eaten but cut into Jack O Lanterns and tossed and smashed on Halloween.

  2. Growing up our family always did the Halloween pumpkin but after removing the seeds and stringy material the meat was always collected before carving the face and my mother would bake breads and make pies. My sister carries on this practice with her family, though I've not had any of her pumpkin baked goods. Good memories of fun times.