Bicycles at the Painted Pony Resort

Bicycling is a popular past time and several posts on bicycling in and around the area were previously posted, see here and here.  In addition, several visiting bike tours have stayed at the estate while passing through the area, for example see here.

Recently a group of guests wanted to ride bicycles during their stay, but the closest bike rentals were in Silver City.  A trip to Silver City by the event coordinator (Michelle) solved the problem but something closer to home was needed.  So in response to this popular recreational activity and to accommodate guests the Painted Pony Resort now has 4 bicycles available that guests may rent during their stay if they wish to enjoy some local bike rides.  These SR SUNTOUR bikes are available in 3 sizes, a 17', 2 - 19", and a 21" bike are now on the estate.  These bicycles are designed for off road usage with 26" x 2.0" tires and front shock absorbers.  With 7 gears any grade or hill should be easily attacked and conquered including ranch roads on the estate as well as trips into the Chiricahua Mountains.  For a nominal fee the whole family can get out for some riding on and off the estate and enjoy "seeing" the area from a different vantage point. 

Bicycles are now available for guests at the Painted Pony Resort.
Ranch roads (in yellow) at the Painted Pony Resort.


  1. very nice opportunity for folks! I had a bicycle long ago and rode it when we camped in Stewart Campground. Now the bike is worthless having sat out in the beautiful sun here for more than a decade!

  2. Your quite right Pat, an opportunity to experience the area at a pace faster than walking but slower than driving. By having bikes available for guests on the estate, a drive to Silver City to rent bikes then back to ride them will not be necessary. I'm hoping the bikes will add to the visitor experience while staying on the estate.

    1. Years ago we met a gal who could ride a horse but NOT a bicycle. Nature of this place with so much DIRT and not paved for bike travel. I took some horse back riding lessons [with DiAnn years ago] and we both decided that was not really for us!

    2. Horses are much easier to get around on but I don't get many guests wanting to ride horses so bikes will have to do for the clientele at PPR.

    3. bikes don't need to be FED, go to the vet, etc! PPR made the right decision!

  3. Another good point, livestock requires constant attention especially social animals like horses. I have enough to do without adding a livestock component to mix. PPR partners with Blue Sky Ranches for guests who wish a horse back riding experience since they specialize in guided horse back riding in the Chiricahuas.