U.S. Bike Route 90, a new Bicycle Route Through Arizona Includes a Highway 80 Segment

Bicycling in southern Arizona and specifically around the San Simon Valley and the Chiricahua mountains is a great way to experience the landscape.  The open air, the 360 degree views, the slower pace all allow one to experience the area that is not possible in a vehicle.  In the past bicycle groups have visited the area staying in Rodeo at both Mountain Valley Lodge and the Painted Pony Resort during their trips.  Lizard Head Cycling Guides and Bubba's Pampered Peddlers have both stayed at the Painted Pony Resort when cycling in the southwest or on a coast to coast tour.  To spread the information about the potential of scenic cycling routes in the area, published routes were collected and posted as reference material to highlight the potential for cycling adventures in and around the Chiricahua Mountains.

Well things have continued to improve with reference to bicycle routes in the area.  The State of Arizona has just designated a new cycling route across the state which includes Rodeo and the surviving segment of Highway 80 that runs through the valley, see here.  This bicycle route is part of a nation wide effort to create bike routes across the United States.  U.S. Bike Route 90, the Arizona segment, will connect with other state routes creating bicycle friendly routes across the nation.  Arizona's newest bicycle route will be a welcomed addition for visitors to the area.

Guests bicycling at the Painted Pony Resort.
U.S. Bike Route 90, Arizona's bicycle route segment from Rodeo to Blythe
The Highway 80 segment of U.S. Bike Route 90 runs from Tombstone to Rodeo


  1. We have met at least 2 lone bicyclists, one almost to CA and one that stayed at MVL when DiAnn was out of town. He gave me a handmade writing implement for my help. He was from WA state.

    I also gave a ride to 2 bicyclists and one dog in a drizzle. I felt most sorry for the dog! They had stayed overnight a few nights in the yard of someone I knew from Portal and he told them about Silver Peak which they climbed on their day "off". They teamed up for safety's sake and had not known each other till they met in FL. One was headed to CA and the other to Mexico, both hating the cold of their childhoods [NY and WI]

    I am too old for that stuff but applaud all their adventures!

  2. Your kindness was surely appreciated by the cyclists and the dog. Many of the coast to coast bicycle riders who stayed here last year were actually retired, there were single retired women and men making the trip, but they had all the support of Bubba's Pampered Peddlers. I hope the designation of the bike route will mean more riders visiting the area.

  3. Thanks for this post. I have biked parts of this route, from Portal to Lordsburg over Animas (2010) and from Animas to Tucson over Rodeo - Bisbee - Sierra Vista - Sonoita (2012). Also from Douglas to Animas over the Geronimo Trail (2014). Stayed overnight twice in Portal and once in Rodeo with DiAnn. Happy memories.

  4. Glad to hear you had enjoyable trips in the area. Highway 80 has little traffic and is good for road bikes, but since you also did Geronimo Trail you must ride mountain bikes. It would be nice to have more off road trails in the area for visitors to enjoy. It is a great way to see the area.

  5. I just heard a rumour that the Geronimo Trail between Douglas and Animas is closed, starting from 2015, because of private land trespassing disputes. Do you have any information on this?

  6. No I have not heard anything of the sort. The only continued closure I'm aware of is the road into Skeleton Canyon (which remains closed).