More Honey Bees

I was weeding down by the hanger the past couple of days and while moving waste to create more topsoil restoration barriers I came across another bee hive out in the desert.  Unlike the other hives that tried to establish themselves on the estate this was in an abandoned burrow.  It was well established with 4 large combs visible at the entrance.  Most of the bees were laden with pollen and a constant stream of bees could be seen entering bringing more.  The hive was not aggressive though I did wear the bee suit to get photographs.  The bees seemed more interested in getting their pollen offloaded and stored for winter rather than bother with a silly human trying to take pictures.  I hope this hive survives and is not raided by other wildlife it would be nice to try and transplant the colony to the bee box in the riverbed next spring.

Abandoned burrow with honey bees flying in.

A closer view of combs inside burrow.

Up close and personal with the honey bees.


  1. Wow! Great view of combs you are very brave!

  2. When I found the hive I was not wearing a bee suit but did not get stung and the bees pretty much ignored me. I did put the bee suit on to get up close for the pictures but they still ignored me. If the hive survives the winter I will dig it up and transfer it to the bee box in the riverbed for next years wildflower pollination and it can serve as a long term source of honey for the estate.

    1. Wow! Have you seen that scene in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" ? That gal did not wear a bee suit and I was amazed. I should get that movie and see if they explain that scene in special features!

      Fingers crossed, toes crossed and eyes crossed hoping you can do as you wish next spring!

  3. Thanks Pat. I've never seen the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" so I don't know the scene your referencing. Having dealt with 8 wild hives that moved into buildings this year I have gained a lot of experience, the hard way, with dealing with honey bees. Perhaps the most important thing I've learned is no sudden movements, slow methodical activity seems to be the best even if you get stung. Slapping and trying to shoo them away only aggravates the bees and makes them more aggressive.